Turquoise - The Temptation

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Turquoise is an opaque mineral and one of the oldest gemstone with a color array ranging from sky blue to grey green.

It is a copper aluminum phosphate, obtaining its blue color from copper and green being created by iron and precise amount of chrome. It often exhibits blotches or veins in brown, light grey or black colors, the color being dependent on the origin of the stone. These patterns are referred to as “Turquoise Matrix”.

The stunning sky blue color of the turquoise is an evergreen vogue in gemstone jewelry. The stone is often witnessed in antique gemstone necklaces. The best quality turquoises are of a bright radiant sky-blue color with or without its fine, regular matrix. The more the stone color tends towards green and more blotchy and irregular matrix the stone displays, lesser will be the value it commands.

The best quality turquoises in utmost beauty of a splendid light blue color come from Iran. Well known supplies of turquoise are also got from deposits in USA, Mexico, Israel, Afghanistan and China.

Turquoise is rarely ever faceted. It is generally cut in cabochons or beads for use in gemstone jewelry. Turquoise beads are often seen in gemstone necklaces and gemstone bracelets.

Due to its soft, sensitive character, owing to a hardness of 6, it is usually treated with wax to harden the stone. The best quality turquoises are no exemption to this treatment. This makes it more resistant. Irrespective of the treatment given, any gemstone jewelry facet that holds a turquoise needs protection from cosmetics, heat and bright light.

Despite its fragility, the stone continues to be a high priced possession and never seems to go out of fashion.

For thousands of years, the stone was regarded as holy and a bringer of good fortune. Since times immemorial, turquoise has been worn, often in form of gemstone rings, as natural protection against darkness. It is thought to be responsible for faithfulness and constancy in relationships.

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