About Us

BluEarthJewelry.com is an online turquoise jewelry boutique located in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in turquoise necklaces and other semi-precious gemstone jewelry. Here you will find vast selection of unique and exciting turquoise jewelry designed to suit a wide variety of personal tastes. Our selection of turquoise jewelry includes turquoise, coral and pearl necklace collections.

Our turquoise necklace collection includes amazing contemporary and classic turquoise necklaces designed by talented artists. You can find sky blue turquoise necklace, green turquoise necklace, pink turquoise necklace, white turquoise necklace, turquoise pendant necklace, nugget turquoise necklace, chunky turquoise necklace, beaded turquoise necklaces and other turquoise jewelry in our store.

We endlessly search for beautiful artisan, handcrafted turquoise jewelry and are continuously adding new styles and designs every week. We make every effort to help ensure that your turquoise necklace shopping experience with us is extraordinary.